Precision Landing with Pixy camera and raspberry pi

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My precision landing IR lock is working fine when I trigger land mode below 15 meter of height, but it fails to do above 15 meter (even though when land is triggered vertically top of the IR lock than also it completely avoid), It also works on RTL perfectly but again if we trigger RTL above 15 meter it fails to do so . I need this to work for about 80 meters (i know the range of sensor is 15 meter only)
I want this to start searching for target don’t land until it acquires the target, without switching land mode , is there any way to this??

I tried using companion computer where I take the reading from pixy camera sensor ( connected via usb with Raspberry pi ) if it finds the target, mode changes to land but it starts behaving like the video shown by @samucs

Is it possible to to achieve precision with pixy camera connected with raspberry pi (landing_target_encode python APIs)
I am able to read the data coming from pixy camera on detecting the module.

or is there any way can get the data of TAcq on raspberry pi so that i can switch the drone to land using raspberry pi

I have gone through your github JeVois–Python-Tracking which was quite similar to my approach, soon I will share my code with you.

If possible please share your linkedin profile so that I can connect with you.

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I worked with OpenMV , that is quite similar to Pixy Cam, and switch to JeVois because I needed more resolution to achieve higher altitude.
I suggest that you look at @fnoop experiments as he worked extensively with Precision Landing a few years ago.

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@Akash_Kumar Hi!

I’ve been using IR-Lock precision landing solution since 2017. When I started with Copter 3.5, it was working quite well even above 15 meters altitude (~20m). It all depends on how you tune the system, for example, the IR-Lock documentation says you have to configure your Pixy with a specific version of Pixmon and you should use the latest MarkOne firmware.

Also, when configuring with the beacon far away, note that the camera lens has to be twisted until you see a glowing light in your Pixmon raw video feed. Then, as you get closer to the beacon, the light will get more defined and focused. These are important steps to get a good performance.

My issues started when I switched to Copter 3.6. When precision landing was engaging the copter went into huge oscillations… The only solution was to reinstall Copter 3.6 with fresh parameters and configure everything from scratch. Now it’s working great again! The Copter version being used here is 3.6.12 and it is rock solid.

As @ppoirier suggests, it’s good to have a look at @fnoop. I’m doing some JeVois experimentation with @ppoirier guidance and hope to have a blog post soon. It combines different techniques and JeVois itself is awesome!

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