Precision landing using RTK module

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to get precise landing using RTK module? Instead of going for vision based or IR Lock sensor?
Error should be around 10- 15 cm?


If you take off in rtk fix and land in rtk fix, it’ll hit the spot quite precisely.

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Thanks for the reply.
Will it work for all the weather conditions?


yes, it can be. we land that on moving truck

I’m new to Ardupilot, but can I set the position in Mission Planner for a different landing point than the take off point and Ardupilot will use the RTK GPS sensor to land?

You can make a mission and have it land wherever you want, landing will be very precise if you are in RTK fixed.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi @mosaic100 ,
Can you share how to do this (landing on a moving vehicle)?? What parameter to set in mission planner?? Do you use a kind of IRLock?? Or RTK Gps?? Tks