Precision Landing/IR lock for ArduPlane

Hello guys, I’m new to this great community.

I’m working on a project that requires precision landing for fixed wing planes.
Similar to the function already implemented in the ArduCopter, I want to use the Pixycam and a large infrared beacon to land the aircraft into a net. I have used this function on a quad and had no problems making it work great.

Currently, I have the aircraft flying very well using the Plane 3.6 firmware. My plan is to modify the existing plane firmware with the required ir lock/ precision landing code form the Copter firmware.

My question is, has anybody experimented with this before? What is required to “merge” the existing “Precision Landing” Copter parameter into the Plane firmware? I understand that the orientation of the sensor will be 90 degrees to whats normal on quads, but at the moment, I only want to add the parameter and compile the firmware with the required modules. (One step at a time)

I’m new to the ardupilot code but educated on how to compile, edit and upload a custom firmware to the autopilot.

Any tips would be well appreciated!

Did you ever get any replies on that one? Had my finger on the IR-Lock order button several times but wimped out looking the range of 15m for detection. Be keen to get something going still…