Precision landing in plane


I have a quad plane (VTOL X8) .I implemented a precision landing in this drone using IR-LOCK beacon and a pixy camera but it doesn’t work well. I saw an erratically behavior when the drone looked for the beacon, because this one was near but VTOL went far away from it. I attached the log of those tests. I did 2 tests of precision landing and then changed the parameters to eliminate precision landing and flight the drone in AUTO mode. I’d like to know how to improve the movements in x/y( The values of px/py are high, you can see more details in the logs files). I tried changing the parameter PLND_EST_TYPE from 1 to 0 but it didn’t work as well as I expected. I don’t know if It is properly to modify the parameters Q_A_RAT_PIT_FILT and Q_A_RAT_RLL_FILT to obtain and slightly movement in roll and pitch.

Log of VTOL


In the pictures above you can see that I changed the mode from QLAND to QESTABILIZE because the drone was moving erratically and I took back the control of it for security.

@Paola_Casabona may i know is this a custom firmware? which source did u used? I used a custom firmware from @lukedempsey but somehow i didnt manage to get the ir lock sensor to sense the beacon upon the Qland mode. It just landed. I have a quadplane but the testing i conducted on a quadcopter but with the arduplane custom firmware.

Yes, it is a custom firmware. You can see where is the problem in the Logs.
The values of PL:

  • If the “Heal” (meaining health) field is not “1” then there may be a communication issue between the Pixhawk and IR-LOCK sensor.
  • If the “TAcq” (meaning Target Acquired) field is not “1” then the sensor is not seeing the target.
  • The pX, pY values show the horizontal distance to the target from the vehicle.
  • The vX, vY values show the estimated velocity of the target relative to the vehicle.


Thanks. i just realized that i forgot to change the PLND_BUS from default to internal I2C. Now the precision landing is engaged.

That’s great! Can you show me a video of your precision landing? What is the accuracy in most of the cases?


Hello @Paola_Casabona

Which firmware did you use to set up the Precision Landing in VTOL? The PLND parameters to set up the landing do not exist for ArduPlane…

If you have any information I appreciate it!


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