PreARm: GPS 2 failing configuration checks

PreArm: GPS 2 failing configuration checks.

What does this mean??
Can’t figure out what is wrong, and I am definatly NOT flying without GPS.

I do somehow have a GPS: 3D Fix though. Position on map moves around a lot but that is likely because I am indoors.

For now I removed that from arm checks because I needed to test the motor. I will not fly the plane untill the issue is resolved but I want to test its motor

The error means that the second GPS receiver is missconfigured.

Correct that and it will work fine

“is missconfigured”
Any ideas on what I did wrong?

parameters.param (20.5 KB)

My parameters

GPS = Neo N8M
FC = Matek H743 wlite

How many GPS devices have you actually got connected to the vehicle?
From your description it sounds as though you only have one GPS.

On the assumption you only have one GPS connected: In your parameters you have GPS_TYPE2 = 1 (auto). So you are telling AP that you have two GPS’s. It finds the first one, but the 2nd one cannot be instantiated and so is left with a nullptr which is one reason that you will get the message “PreArm: GPS 2 failing configuration checks.”. If this sounds like it matches your setup, set GPS_TYPE2 = 0 (none) and turn those arming checks back on :wink:

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1 gps.

Wish I could do as u say.

But of a crash, just for clarification, groundspeed isn’t airspeed. Tailwind suddently hit the plane, and I’m not sure how it stalled (fairly high throttle) but it fell out of the sky.

Lost the USB port from the rc in the process. I have no idea how, it was connected by wires to the FC and now it’s just gone.

I think I have a Bluetooth thingy somewhere it might work.

Tundra’s prop is now vibrating a bit I need to straighten out the prop adapter before next flight. Also need to get the video cables further from the esc and restick the FC to the plane (it got loose ish).

Otherwise, everything survived! Including the sole gps neo m8n I have on the plane. Next flight I might try waypoints if I can get the plane on AUTO (waypoint mission is loaded but my rc mode switch has options for MANUAL, AUTOTUNE and FBWA)