Prearm error GPS alt error 5850m (see BARO_ALTERR

I have ms5611 board can i replace 5607 on my pixhawk with 5611 from board using soldering directly?

I desoldered the ms5611 from the donor sensor and desoldered the 5607 from the pixhawk. in place of 5607 put 5611 in pixhawk.

Does it work well and what about polarity while soldering?

works good. I did not change the polarity, I left it as it was. soldered with an infrared soldering iron, not an air soldering station

Good morning, I have the same problem… Can someone explain the solution in detail
It seems that I did not understand very well.
I will be thankful to you.

Yes, please explain.

What’s to explain? Did you try BARO_OPTIONS, 1 ?

where can i find it ,please?

What i did now is "treat MS5611 as MS5607 , is that what you mean?

Yes. Did it work?

Yes, thank you very much

It work for Copter 4.3.4, thanks

I just ran into a problem after replacing ms5607 with ms5611 using air soldering gun. Now it is showing unable to calibrate barometerProcessing: 16787152021032246790035264135855.jpg…

That usually means the barometer is malfunctioning or not communicating. You may have a solder bridge, bad connection, or damaged chip.

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Or it’s cooked…

It would have been better just to buy a more reliable flight controller.
There’s nothing wrong with the Pixahwk 1 format and design if it satisfies your requirements, but a cheap version using factory seconds components is going to be untrustworthy forever. Today the baro, which component fails tomorrow?

Holybro have good quality replacement Pixhawks, and there is plenty of other options, even cheaper, if you move away from the Pixhawk 1 format.