PreArm: Check Mag Field: reading outside of range

Getting an error message: PreArm: Check mag field: 1271, max 875, min 185

Don’t have anything plugged in except micro-usb, and safety switch, just trying to test arming. Tried calibrating but did not help. Not sure where to look in Parameter tree. Thanks in advance.

offset values are too high…, just perform again the calibration.
Be sure keep far from compass VTX antenna e receiver antennas and wires.
I suggest don’t use the internal compass of the fc.
If compasses are in the GPS module just use a stand keeping far from metals

Address this later after the craft is built. It’s a waste of time to calibrate it now.

i am having the same problem, i had the plane built, i dont had the vtx power on, both gps are pointing forward in normal position, and for some reason after mag calibration compass 2 orientation set up to yaw270, i am using a pixhawk 6c and the m8n gps

You should not do this with a USB power source. Use a proper battery.

i was using holybro 915mhz telemetry radio

Holybro 915Mhz is not a power source.

Yes i know, maybe i had to be more clear, i qas not using usb, i was using a lion with the holybro power module, and using a telemetry modem to connect with the pixhawk

Outside, with clear sky view, proper GPS lock and away form metalic structures?

yes, i dont know why its happening, with the pix4 boards i didnt had any problem, i will try in the next way in a open field far away from the city