Pre Arm Check Throttle Below Fail Safe

Hello . I am using pixhawk with mission planer on Hexacopter. I am getting below error. Throttle Below Fail Safe.

you will see this message when no rc receiver connected , radio control is off or your throttle failsafe value (FS_THR_VALUE) is higher than minimum throttle value of your radio control

SOLVED. Yes the Rado RC was not active

I have applied 100 Percent throttle and motors running at full speed but its not able to fly. Here are the log files.2020-09-09 16-31-16.bin (991.0 KB)

did you calibrated your radio and ESCs ?

I have calibration the radio

what about ESCs ?
also tell us more about your config
what is motors , propellers , ESCs , wight and …

I have same issues with ppm encoder

Which issue? The " Pre Arm Check Throttle Below Fail Safe" ?
Does everything work Ok in the radio calibration screen in MissionPlanner?

Some radios and receivers can appear to have lost signal when they are too close to each other

Maybe try lowering the value of
by about 20 less than it is now.

Thanks for reply ,
I used Fly sky fs -i6 radio controller:-
In my Rc controller the throttle stick is not working at low throttle stick motor will not start and motor speed is high on high throttle stick, the issues of esc or rc calibration

Hii xfacta
I am trying to be connected rc receiver with Pixhawk. 2.4.8 but they have no response in
flight controller what should do??

Some transmitters have a calibration procedure internally for all of the inputs. You could check for that and try it, then run the RC Calibration in MissionPlanner.
Make sure your transmitter and receiver are bound.

What receiver is it?
Is it plugged into the RC in connectors along the end near all the motor outputs?