Pre Arm Check Throttle Below Fail Safe

Hello . I am using pixhawk with mission planer on Hexacopter. I am getting below error. Throttle Below Fail Safe.

you will see this message when no rc receiver connected , radio control is off or your throttle failsafe value (FS_THR_VALUE) is higher than minimum throttle value of your radio control

SOLVED. Yes the Rado RC was not active

I have applied 100 Percent throttle and motors running at full speed but its not able to fly. Here are the log files.2020-09-09 16-31-16.bin (991.0 KB)

did you calibrated your radio and ESCs ?

I have calibration the radio

what about ESCs ?
also tell us more about your config
what is motors , propellers , ESCs , wight and …