pozyx "Gps: no GPS"


Hi I have the following pozyx configuration. And I connected pozyx to the black cube TELE1 port, but it keeps saying NO GPS. Is there a solution?
Values from Arduino come out right.


That’s normal and expected iirc.
If you have your drone placed between the beacons, after a little while you’ll see it positioned on the map according to your BCN_LATITUDE and BCN_LONGITUDE params. If you don’t, check your RX and TX wires.

It was confirmed that the drone was moving because the map moved according to BCN_LATITUDE and BCN_LONGITUDE. Is there any problem with NO GPS when arming the actual aircraft? Looking at my situation now, I wonder if the NO GPS is an error or not. If it is an error that the NO GPS appears, how can I get rid of the NO GPS?