Powering the RasPi 3

I have seen in a few videos where the RasPi3 is powered from the Pixhawk Telemetry port. Granted it was bench testing, but is it wise to power the RasPi this way?


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Absolutely not. You’re pretty much guaranteeing that you’ll cause a brownout of the flight controller and will crash. Never, ever do this :slight_smile:

Power the pi from a BEC. I attach the BEC output to the power rail of the pixhawk outputs, then I power other things like the raspberry and landing gear from this rail.


I had my doubts, I wasn’t sure how much current I could source from the telemetry port connector, but I doubt it is the full required for the RasPi


Depends on the flight controller I would say. On apm 2.8 there is just a 5v+ rail coming from the power module. So if that can take the load, then why not…

@fnoop. Glad to see this answer. I have powered by pi via telemetry as it was shown in raspberry-pi-via-mavlink and both pi and pixhawk2.1 shutdown and die. I will try your recommended approach.