Powered Paraglider

Cheers, fellow pilots!

I’m planning to try to use arduplane on a rc powered paraglider(paramotor). Mostly, I need OSD and RTL mode, later I’m planning to add some algorithms like ‘big ears’ etc.

At the moment I’m not sure how arduplane will cope with the gondola rocking in 3 axis during the flight. So arduplane would need to fly the wing while all the sensors are dangling under it. And another concern is that paragliders can’t control pitch axis directly.

Anyone tried that?

So I decided to collect some flight data with pixhawk unit. I’ll have GPS and arm button connected to it and nothing else. This way I can get real flight data and try to run a simulation on it. Is this possible?

Thanks a lot!


Heres how I did it with PX4, should be easy to adapt to Ardupilots case :pray::pray: