Power Switch, to turn ON/OFF the drone with a push button switch

Hello everyone,
I want to share my last project with you , i think will be interesting for many drone builders.

High current power switch i used to use on many drones before, which is very handy to power ON/OFF the drone with a switch instead off disconnect-reconnecting the battery.

I designed ON/OFF switch with revers logic, switch is open system powered, Switch is closed system disconnected from power. So in that case even though switch fails for some reason drone will be powered.

On first version i designed the module for up to 100A continuous current.

The Power switch available at Dronee
High Current Power Switch with ON/OFF button – Dronee

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This is cool. Something I have often thought of. Most commercial drones have a power on button. It’s nice to see its starting to become something that can be put on a home brew device.

What are the dimensions of the unit and whats the schematic for the switch itself…not the unit but the button you push. I ask because there might be a different looking button I would like to use.
Something like this, that said…I imagine I could 3d print a button that works with this.

You can use any type of switch with fixation. as a default I made small PCB with JST connector and LED indicator.
This is a new product, after first batch I will update for the feedbacks.

here is the schematics of the switch pcb.

Thank you @Artem_Skorsky
IS that switch a momentary switch or you move the switch and it stays in that position till you move it back.
Also do you have the dimensions of the board…width, length and height. Thinking of buying one to try it out.

Switch with fixation/ latching mechanism, so when you press it stays at that position .
when you press second time it goes back to first position.
Size: 65mm x 25mm x 15mm

pick surge current 400A

Awesome thank you.
I suspected the switch worked that way.


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Ok I ordered one.
Will give it a try and see how it works. Exciting times.

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Looks interesting! What’s the peak current rating?

Peak current max 400A.

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Any thoughts on a smaller version.
I have a large drone that at most pulls about 25 amps on average. The max peak is 80 amps if al motors where loaded at 100% throttle. But that wouldn’t last long.
This unit I am going to test out I think may be too big for UAV use but great for a rover.

this is a very good idea. 30A and 50A versions we will make as well.

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That would be awesome.
I assume they would be smaller. If there was a small 30 amp constant and 50 amp peak I bet I could use that in all my large drones. Just a thought.

yes, size can be much smaller, 30% of current size, although height will be the same, because needs good heatsink for cooling , and heatsink is a must. I will share more info once the prototypes are ready.

So just checked my logs and not once did the current ever go above 30 amps total. In fact I never say it pass 24 amps even at peak demand. So a lighter version would be great for me.


Oh and mounting holes.
The one I ordered doesn’t have any method to mount it other then hot glue or sticky tape.
Having mounting holes would be a great help.

already have mounting holes on picture it is hard to notice, it has 4 mounting holes

ah ok cool thanks

can’t wait till it arrives

Hi @Artem_Skorsky,
Yes adding switch is very good, but I have question here about the way we push the switch, is it just one push or double push (like DJI style)?
For safety reason I suggest you apply double push (like DJI) or just use toggle switch. Sorry this is just my personal opinion, somebody may disagree on this.


this button is with fixation, similar to toggle switch. this is not a push button switch. also can be used any other switch