Power module wire of the drone get fired

Hi guys! (I need help as soon as possible)

I have built drone with pixhawk px4 and i have connect it to the mission planner.

I give it plan but I did not install the propellers yet it was working fine but when I connect the propellers I gave the plan the motors speed is increased and suddenly the power module that is connected to the pixhawk get fired (2 ground wires only) the strange thing is that the motors still runner in their speed even after the power module wires get fired and also i disconnect the power supply from the drone and connect it again it still work the only thing happened is the wires is fired

I am using in my drone

Four RS-2122 920kv

Power Module V1.0 XT60

The wires that get fired is the two black wires in the following image

The Pixhawk still works after you melted the 2 little black wires that are plugged in the Pixhawk? Frying the black wires would most likely indicate you shorted the Pixhawk’s ground to power, so I’d be surprised if it actually worked after.

This is an electrical problem, so it’s going to be hard to diagnose the issue in a software/firmware forum.

Maybe I did not explain it clearly.

I means by fired that I saw white smoke coming from the drone maybe because the wires get heated but they did not disconnected