Power Module PM02D

I bought PM02D by mistake:)
I want to connect with Pixhawk 4
How can I set battery Monitor?
Holybro Said ‘PM02D isn’t compatible with pixhawk 6C, pixhawk4…’
But I think PM02D uses i2c digital signal data output, so I’m going to connect using i2c port with power1 port.
Can I get some advice?

Id leave the two ground and two vcc wires in the flight controller connector (check to make aure they are the right way around) then connect the two middle wires to the i2c bus, then you will have to see if you can set up the i2c power meter to drive the voltage and current values instead of the two adc points in the battery monitor connector

What should I do?
Can I see the reference image

Do you have the pm07 that came with the pix4? If so the red wire is the vcc side of the port the other end is two ground pins. I2c ports are labelled.

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