Power flags 33 and crash

Hello. Pls help me. What mean power flags 33?

can you post your logs

MAV_POWER_STATUS_BRICK_VALID=1, /* main brick power supply valid | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_SERVO_VALID=2, / main servo power supply valid for FMU | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_USB_CONNECTED=4, / USB power is connected | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_PERIPH_OVERCURRENT=8, / peripheral supply is in over-current state | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_PERIPH_HIPOWER_OVERCURRENT=16, / hi-power peripheral supply is in over-current state | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_CHANGED=32, / Power status has changed since boot | /

So 33 means that SERVO Rail is not valid and it occurred after boot.

Me ubec for +


that mean my flight controller reboot ?

No, in only means that you had some problem on the servo rail.


it is a log

but all servos is work now fine

problem with servo rail on flight controller or only with servo motors ?

Cannot say more without logs

i droped log file up

You lost servo power on the servo rail. That is why you crashed. That is all that can be seen in the logs.

But my ubeс is very powerful, I used it just so that the weak would not go into a short circuit

I do not understand what could have disabled him

Bad solder, bad connection, dodgy power switch, servo overcurrent… anything…

solder is good, connection too. servo work fine now. all is work ( this is magic

What mean pm nloop ? on all flight this nloop is straight

and why the tension could increase?

do you have power from that BEC and power from the ESC both going to the servo rail? It is not safe to have two switching power supplies on the same pin.