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Power draw of Here2 and Here3

Good evening, does anyone know what the power draw is of the Here2 and Here3 GPS units if operating of the UAVCAN? Im keen to know so that I can check if my overall power budget from the cube is not close to the limits given I am running a few peripherls off the cube. Thank you for any help you can shed on this.

I’ve been looking into UAVCAN power specs also (Pixhawk Uavcan power specs?). The advice I got was to power canbus peripherals separately, which is what I’m doing.

Hi Top thank you for that- interesting and good info. I am only using the one item off the CAN and so it should be well within spec however I am also keen to know the whole power budget on the Pixhawk to see about the need to power things separately or not. I believe the Cube can take a total of 2.5A and from what I have gathered so far the CAN will take a max of 210mA, Telem 1 1.5A and then 1A to all other peripherals, including the CAN. I am actually well under these limits although the question on the CAN still remains- I would like to know the actual figures of the Here2 and Here3 draw to know what the overhead is.

I know the simplest answer to this is just power the peripherals separately but that ignores the other design requirements of the build. In this case it would be ideal not to go down this route but that ideal is not worth pursuing if the power overheads are minimal. If they are not then there is no reason not to power direct from the cube.

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