Pixhawk Uavcan power specs?

Is the Uavcan on the pixhawk cube orange 5V powered? If so what are the specs (amps)? Can I connect a Matek GNSS M8Q-CAN using Can? The Matek specs say the 5V Can port is “onboard LDO output”, which I think means it takes 5V from onboard pad and outputs it on the Can bus? But if the Can bus is already powered by pixhawk, wouldn’t it short out?

Any help is appreciated.

After heavy searching, the Can bus is powered by the Pixhawk Cube, ( https://docs.cubepilot.org/user-guides/autopilot/the-cube-module-overview ). Still not clear on how many amps one can draw from it.

You should always power the canbus independently of the Pixhawk.

Um we cant, it’s already powered by Pixhawk. Only 1 device is supposed to power canbus.

CAN BUS is powered with 5v, only if you are using a node i suggest power it with an external power source… this depend about the periph you want use.
On a UAVCAN node there is a resettable fuse that support 220mAh…(depend to the manufacturer), in this case better power the can node with an alternative power source

Sure you can, just disconnect power from the pixhawk going to
the bus.

I guess if I need to, I can snip the 5v line on the canbus cable and power canbus device via 5v pad.
More elegant way is to have Pixhawk power the canbus.

Pixhawk does not have enough power available to power a canbus
with lots of power hungry devices. Do you want to brown out your
flight controller at 100ft up?

Just common sense, protect the flight controller.