Power Distribution Boards for 80 AMP+ ESC's

I am curious what people are using for 80+AMP multiple ESC setup hexa copters, planes etc. for power distribution from 4S to 6S or even 8S.

Most products I see are rated for very low current, mostly because they are PCB board designs. See examples below.

Then we have This. As its a passive design I think it can handle fairly large amount of current draw.

This company claims it can support 250A


This company claims 300A support

here is another, passive design.

Check out Gryphon dynamics. They have high current ones.

Some of those have XT60 connectors to the battery, so, thats the limit, no matter what they say about the board.
That may improve if you add XT90 or higher capacity battery connector.
The cable diameters being used max out at around 90A anyway, even if the battery is rated at 500A the cables typically attached won’t handle much more than 90A for any extended period.

A comment on the designs - every connector in your electrical system is a potential failure point.
Those companies are just quoting the conductive capabilities of the copper, nothing else, and even then its doubtful.
For a PDB I use a similar design to the one you have pictured image
and directly solder to the board.

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I checked their web site. Interesting designs, however fairly pricy for a PDP solution.

I agree with you. Any PCB based solution, we are asking for trouble later on.

My company does Telecom equipment power work and we deal with 200 AMPS all the time.

I see an opportunity to develop cost effective PDP solutions for UAV industry going forward.