Power consumption problem


I installed a PX4 cube in my rover, with two motors (front and rear) and two servos (front and rear).

When I install the second servo the front one start to gitter, so there is a power problem. I also want to connect a DYS Brushless Three-axis Gimbal and a sonar to avoid obstacles.

What configuration did you recommend to me? a powerful ESC to power all the units? or another configuration?

Thank’s for your help guys


You may want to use separate BEC’s depending on voltage requirements. I have FPV stuff that runs on the boats 3S battery, a BEC set at 5 volts for the RFD 900 and two Gopros, and a BEC set at 5.7 volts for a variety of servos. The 5.7 volt BEC is what powers the rail on my Pixhawk 1. I forget what is powering my gimbal but it is most likely off the 3S batteries that power the ship.

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Hi @David_Boulanger
Thank’s for your point of view, I’m going to build two power systems, one, for servors and engines, and another for electronics and let’s see if it works better :wink:

Thank’s for yor help again