Possible to install ArduCopter on DJI Mavic series drones?

I’m guessing the short answer is ‘no’ since I don’t see any thread about this anywhere on the interwebs. I’d love to be able to “wipe” the DJI factory firmware and install something that allows more customization of systems and functions. What prevents this? Just curious.

Closed hardware, and non existence of FW port prevents it

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Apart from it being closed, and probably having some sort of firmware verification feature, we’ve got heaps of dead or partially working Phantom 4 Pro’s and similar at home - and the amazing thing is they are nearly all different to each other.
Out of a dozen we’d be lucky if we could swaps some parts around to make one fully functional.
It’s like they purposefully keep slightly changing the designs and production runs just so it’s not feasible to produce 3rd party replacement parts or reverse-engineer them.
It wouldnt surprise me if the Mavicks are like that too.

The most feasible project would be to gut the frame, just keeping the battery, motors and props, and throw in a small cheap FC and ESC stack. Assuming you can get the battery to work…
I’m thinking of doing that, and making a phantom 4 pro fly like a phantom 4 pro never has before :laughing:


I thought many times about getting a mini 2 frame to be able to insert an arducopter electronics (20*20 H7), but the costs have become too high and it doesn’t seem convenient to me.

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I’ve had the same thought. The physical hardware is pretty top shelf, just gut the electronics and substitute my own. What is particularly impressive with DJI is the way they integrate RX/controller/ESC/gyro/GPS into the smallest number of boards, particularly on the mini products. This is where I think the challenge lies.

Agree. See my reply to xfacta, above!

Why would you want to wipe the DJI and install another firmware to customization when we could design a system comparable to DJI and run the Ardupilot software instead? The hardware of DJI is good, stabilize?

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I feel like the DJI hardware is good quality and all of the different systems are well integrated. Plus I think the DJI will be lighter since many of the different systems are combined onto a smaller number of boards.

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@Tan_Ph_m @gmovies but of you are correct the HW is nice.
Can you provide a github pull request adding DJI HW support to ardupilot?


We will be colonizing Mars when that happens :grinning: