Position hold and QGC

Hello all, I am newbie… Now I am facing a problem.

Details of hardware : pixhawk 4 , It’s gps. Frame size 650mm … No canopy used or no cover is used to cover pixhawk…

  1. Problem : when I put it into position hold… It hold that position for few seconds after that it suddenly rise and suddenly down and move side ways without my input. No of connection of satellite 11 . Precision about 0.9m ( GHDOP).

And also there is another problem too. When I arm drone through QGC it automatically started to ascend … And again suddenly rise and down and same problem above… (Problem 1).

I add log file in this… Why my drone is not hold its position.

Log file


Hope you understand… If any doubt in my question please ask…

Good day, keep far your gps module from vtx… rf modules and receiver antennas.
Keep also your gps on a stand and shield the module with an emi tape.

Hello sir, thank you for your response . Did you checked my log file.

That file has an access requirement. No one will check it with that in place.

And don’t double post.

When I tried to upload log… Along with my Problem statement… This website show format not support… That’s why I add that in gdrive.
Sir can you please explain “don’t double post”??

Remove the access requirement from the Google Drive link if you want help.

You posted the same question in 2 threads. Double posting is discouraged.