PosHold without GPS but optical flow sensor

Is it possible to fly in PosHold mode without GPS but with optical flow sensor and rangefinder ? (it’s possible in Loiter, but PosHold ?)

I think FlowHold is same as PosHold but using the flow for positioning.

Yes FlowHold is PosHold with optical flow sensor instead GPS, but it is horrible, because t doesn’t use the rangefinder.
Instead FlowHold tries to find out the height by permanently wobbling. That’s a really horrible mode, almost unusable

What rangefinder do you have installed?

A VL53L1X. works well in copter 4.0

Never tried it. I know the specs say it is good up to 4 meters.
I am using flow hold with a lightware sf20/C and doesn’t wobble.
Maybe take a look at the logs of the rangefinder and see what it reads.
As far as i understand you are using 4.0, maybe it is better if you post questions about 4.0 in the 4.0 section. It may get more attention.

I thought the wobbling is “immanent” for this mode as described here:

Soon after takeoff or after there have been large changes in the height above the surface the vehicle may wobble as it learns the new height and velocity.

Readings of that rangefinder are centimeter precise. The question is: does FlowHold use the rangefinder instead of wobbling ?