Port APSync to Orange Pi Zero 2


I finally broke down and purchased a $55 Raspberry Pi Zero 2W. At this point I am not sure I really believe that they will ever be available at a reasonable price. I would like to put AP Sync on most of my planes as it works well on the bench with a Pi 4. I can always just pony up and spend some $$ on buying another 6-7 at this price.

But first I wanted to ask, how hard would it be to port AP Sync to an Orange Pi Zero 2. It seems to be much more capable and also easily available. And open source.

If there’s a Ubuntu base image for the Orange Pi it should be straightforward.
APSync is basically a series of install and config scripts (GitHub - ArduPilot/companion: Companion computer startup scripts and examples) that are mostly independent of the actual sbc.

Ok. I will give it a go.

There is. I will order one now.


Not difficult at all. I’d expect you’d need to change any references to the UART, Wifi and Video streaming to fit the correct paths on the Orange Pi - I don’t know how different it is to the Ras Pi.

I ordered on on Amazon for $28 so i will give it a shot and ask questions as necessary. There is a Orange Pi Zero 3 now. It is a significantly more capable board than a RP Zero 2 W.

Not sure why I was asking about APSync, when I meant Rpanion-server. I assume the same still applies to Rpanion. I have seen at least one person managed to install on an Orange Pi – and I guess I should have posted this on the Rpanion thread.

Rpanion-server’s more flexible. I don’t think you’ll need to modify much to get it working.

Thanks. BTW I ordered a few of your hats. It would be great if you could get these in a US Store. The shipping is a little expensive! They are great little things that have no equivalent anywhere that I can see.

Thanks! They are quite handy :slight_smile:

Yes, I’d definitely like to get US and EU resellers - as that’s where most of my orders are from.

mRo might be a good fit. Robotshop.com as well is a bit of a no-brainer. Obviously GetFPV and Racedayquads would be great but they have more focus on FPV.

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