Pocketpilot stabilize mode drift

I bult my own pocketpilot board and have gotten it up and flying. I went through and calibrated all sensors, rc input and flight modes. I initially thought the issue was my battery being on top of the frame and possibly being off center. But after getting into the air the quad slowly start to pitch forward it seems. I will be attaching some pictures of the quad and how the board is setup. I dont know if there could be interference with the mpu9250 it uses or not. I am also using a dys f20a 4 in 1 esc using dshot 600 for the motor output. I made sure the esc was calibrated using the esc calibration method of arducopter on boot.I will see if I can pull the last flight logged on the board as well.

here is a link to the pictures of the quad. will get the logs soon


I advice you read again the wiki and specially the mode behavior !
On stabilize mode it will always drift with manual correction from the pilote. Only assisted mode like loiter or poshold will maintain position.

Now, if you cannot maintain it attitude with your radio, then you have another issue that surely comes from configuration. In that case, we will need a flight log where the bad behavior appears to be able to diagnostics the issue and advice you. We need the log dataflash log. Normally, it is on the sd card. I don’t remember if the pocketpilot get one, so the log may be on the file system.

@awright424 nice to know you finally got the pocket flying :blush:

@khancyr the pocketpilot being a standard linux FC the logs are in the defaulted directories

yes I did get it working and didnt want to bother you anymore. :wink: thanks for the help and pointing me in the right direction.

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00000006.BIN (343.7 KB)
my last flight was pretty short I had to calibrate the imu at home as I was running late and did a quick flight in the parking lot before going in to work.

other file was too large here is a longer flight that had the same sypmtoms: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ryEv_8QdYFhwBKxyKN-7b9wJhVb2qqNG