Please recommend a strong fast servo for tricopter yaw mechanism

Hi all

I have built a tricopter using one of these frame kits

I am using a Pixhawk for the flight controller and all is setup and almost ready to fly, but I have one issue I have not yet been able to resolve.

The Servo mechanism will not return to centre in one direction only, Move to the right and it returns fine but move to the left and it does not return to zero.

Can anyone recommend a good strong fast servo that I could use on this model to try and resolve this.

Unless there is a setting in mission planner I have missed that is.

Thanks for any help with this


Any servo that matches the one you already have should be fine, but i looks like it needs to be the same size to fit into the bracket. look at the Torque and the time it takes for the servo to turn through 60° to find a servo that matches in performance qualities. These figures are standard with most servo’s and can be found on the data sheets that are usually on websites with the products.