Please help determine the cause of GPS Glitch

Hi, I’m really new to Ardupilot. I’m trying to determine the reason why the GPS Glitch occured. But I still can’t find it.
Here’s my LOG file
Thank you in advance for your helps :slight_smile:

For some reason your vcc becomes very noisy at times, everytime it becomes noisy you have a gps glitch. Probably should check 5v power to the board and accessories.

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Hi, thank you so much for the prompt response.
Could you tell me how to check the VCC value?

vcc is in your log under POWR label.

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Ah, I see. Thanks so much.
May I ask which values should we check first when GPS glitch was occurred?
I’m wondering how could you find out that it’s from VCC . It’s really right! I’ve just found that one my power board doesn’t work proberbly.

I just looked a bit around your log. i checked if there was any power issues with gps module so i checked the vcc power and i found that the graph was noisy each time there was a glitch :slight_smile:

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