Please define some terms and things

On Pixhawk 4, we have an I/O PWM out and FMU PWM out. ESC wires should be connected where? And how can I connect? How will I plug ESC wires into that port?
Also, what is this CAN port? What is it’s use? What is SPI? What is UART? What is (CAP and ADC IN) how are all these ports used??

Have a look at the Pixhawk 4 documentation.
And here are all the in- and outputs described.


I just want to ask, How do you people know so much about UAVs!!! You know all the FCs, modules, chipsets, Companies, documentations!!! HOW!!! :scream:

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By reading the documentation and employing what’s there to build, configure and tune Ardupilot based craft.


I also want to learn all the things just like you about UAVs and electronics, but my only problem is money…
Most of the chipsets are produced out of India and are thus, very costly for me…
Currently I am in college and there are still 3 years more, after which I will get a nice job. Thus, to save thousands of rupees, presently, becomes very difficult for me…:sob:

Which FC will you people prefer: Pixhawk 4 or Pixhawk 6C mini??
Also please can anybody tell what is the difference between Holybro M9N and Holybro M10 GPS?
M10 GPS is very cheaper than M9N. What can be the difference between the both? Should I prefer M10 GPS??

You keep asking the same question. My answer remains unchanged. There’s no need to continue asking in every single topic you create.

Learning is free. The resources to do so are at hand in the ArduPilot wiki linked above. You seem unwilling to dive into the documentation and read it for yourself, preferring instead to keep asking over and over.

Use the GPS you can afford at this point. There’s no sense in agonizing over that decision. Find a GPS module that you can afford with uBlox hardware and a built in compass.


4 is discontinued.
6c mini is available. Has a better processor, more memory. I’ve got a couple of them and they’re perfectly good boards.

Unless you’re doing survey or something where you need cm accuracy, the M10 GPS is perfectly adequate. Gets a position lock fast.


How much is the accuracy of M10 GPS?? And is there any major difference between M9N and M10??

If you aren’t doing RTK then don’t worry about it. RTL will still bring it back to the landing pad so good enough.


As Yuri said, use the ardupilot wiki for free and self education.
Read and compare the specifications of the components of your interest.
Google all unknown words and abbreveations.
Read as much as possible in this forum.
And train your skilled craftsmanship, than you can choose also some cheaper FC with selfsoldering of some wires


How can I connect a telemetry to Kakute H7 wing? Where is that port? If I will be using skydroid T10 transmitter and receiver, then how will I connect my receiver’s inbuilt telemetry to that Kakute wing??

I had already researched on this, but can anybody tell a drone FPV camera, which records at 4K max and has an SD card slot and can also give FPV video output and price is under 8000rs that is under 96$
I researched and found one like this:

What’s your opinion for this camera, any suggestions??

Another camera like this is sjcam legend 6, but it is 10000rs and above. Its quality is good and also supports PWM triggers. Do not other camera supports this PWM triggers?
I am tired of searching on Google but found nothing. Only those action cameras for bloggers are there…

I am a little astonished. I don’t know your technical background.
On serveral serveral postings I gave you the advice to read all available informations:
Here you find the basic information how you connect the peripherals.
Regarding these camera I have no expierience.
But again I recommend first to solve your actual problems. This will help you to understand more of all this. Multiple times you told us how difficult it is for you to buy good quality equipment due to the high price for you. First must your drone fly very stable. Than you can upgrade it with camera system and what ever. But if you crash it you also crash any expencive electronic.
Make it step by step.

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Double posted:
What is the difference between Pixhawk 4 and Pixhawk 6C? - Hardware / Pixhawk family - ArduPilot Discourse

I’m astonished that he has actually provided advice on the forum. And bad advice at that.

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Whats bad in that advice? In India, every 2nd person with quite good budget uses ready to sky motors and ESCs. Because they are cheap in price and good quality. Try to correct me, instead of demotivating!
Already I don’t understand much of the topics here. One I understood and gave advice… And that’s only a discussion! I am not actually saying to use that!

So understand my technical background. I am in electronics from year 2020 and mostly make projects with Arduino and RPI4 python. It’s only from 2022 that I started with UAVs. I never knew any documentation and only knew FCs such as KK, APM, Pixhawk, naza. That’s all! Somewhere I found that I can join discourse. It’s then I made account here. I never want to buy high quality components because of their extremely high price! And My research is only limited to Google and chrome. It’s you people told me about much other FCs! I never knew any AP documentations! And My drone is just an Apm 2.8 drone with B19 camera and TS835 transmitter and FS i6 transmitter. That’s all! My technical background!

Nobody was replying from one day. That’s why I double posted…
It seems that we have a day and night difference between our time zones!

Actually, I think the telemetry should be connected to one of the UARTs ports. After much hardwork I understood that what can be this Universal Asynchronous Receive Transmit system.