Plane suddenly shaking up and down

we are using plane v 4.0.5 on Elevone plane setup
I can take off in ,FBWA, mode the plane started smoothly and suddenly it started oscillation up and down.and cant maintain its altitude and fall down on its nose.i configured all parameters correctly .on ground i checked all my control surfaces and they were working correctly nothing wrong with controls. I think there might be some issue with my PIDs.
above is the link of our logs … can anyone check where i am making any mistake!

that link’s not accessible.

Sorry for late reply

ARSPD_USE is set to zero which means that you do not have any speed scaling on the PID gains. So the gains were fine for lower speed, but one you got above a certain airspeed the gains were now too high and there was too much control authority.
I would also like to point out that your pitch integrator hit it’s limit which would indicate other issues with trim and possibly CG location. This also from my taking a quick 5 minute look at the log so there might be more than just this going on.

Thanks for your reply, let me install the airspeed sensor with some tweaking with the PIDs. Will share the outcome soon.