Plane on APM2.6 won't change modes; Copter works fine

Hi all,

With any ArduCopter firmware I’ve tried on my APM2.6, the flight mode changes as expected with input to channel 5, confirmed by the green bar changing the highlighted mode in APM Planner 2.

I have tried the _stable, _latest, and _beta versions of the Plane firmware for APM2, and cannot for the life of me get modes to change. No other apparent issues - the radio channels move just fine in the radio calibration window, but the green mode bar never changes in the mode config window. What am I missing?

Actually in Arduplane channel 8 is the default for mode config.

Do the pwm value change in the top of the mode config window ?

I feel like an idiot - changed plug over to ch8, works great. Thanks mate!