Plane not switching to the Auto mode, goes RTL instead


I created a simple autonomus mission to follow the waypoints and land.
Assigned a switch to choose between flight modes, FBWA and AUTO.

There’s no error or warning on the screen, and I lifted the plane at FBWA mode,
After that I switch to AUTO, the plane goes to RTL instead.

Hence, the plane does not follow the waypoints and draws circles.

I tried to reboot, clear and rewrite the mission, but nothing changes.
Checked the flight modes list and there’s no problem on switching modes.
The Firmware is up-to-date.

Any ideas why this can happen and how can I solve this?


Hi Bora,

without a log file there is very little to say. Can you post a link to the logfile ?

Hello Rolf,

Unfortunately there was no SD card in the pixhawk in the flight.
I’ll try to find and use one in the next one.

Could my problem be related to this? I see ‘Pre arm: logginf failed’ on the screen before the arming process but after arming that message disappeared.


The fact that you could arm sounds like ARMING_CHECK is not at 0 (perform all prearm checks). I would set it to 0 before the next flight, then you can only arm if everything is OK.