Plane behavior with and without compass enabled

Hello all :slight_smile:

For a long time I’d like to know what are the up- and downsides of using a compass in arduplane ?
There seems to be more rumors than reliable informations.
I read a lot that a badly calibrated compass can cause harm and issues, and that there are no benefits.
But in my logic a compass should at least help in high winds, as the flight direction is not always the same as heading in this case!?

And what about this extreme example?:
let’s say I’m flying in RTH mode 30kmph airspeed against a 50kmph headwind, so my plane is moving 20kmph backwards and the heading is 180degrees rotated to the flight route.
How will an arduplane with and without a compass behave in this situation ?

I saw this pictures explaining the iNav situation (no idea if it is even true).

Will arduplane behave similar or more intelligent?

Im thankful for any insights,
Best greetings,