Plane based weather information feed?

Just had an idea and not sure if it’s been asked.

As plane makes all sorts of corrections for wind direction, speed and pressure, any chance this data could make its way to planner as a plane based weather instrument? Sorta like what the hurricane chaser c130 does. I don’t plan on flying my plane in a hurricane or strong winds, but since plane knows this as it has to account for it, would be kinda cool to see a calculated wind direction and speed on the planner. We could also download it and use the data to display wind patterns at various altitudes.

Just an idea.


In Mission Planner’s Flight Data screen, in the top left corner of the Map display, there is a wind-indicator giving speed and direction as reported by ArduPilot.

In the dataflash logs, NKF2.VWN and NKF2.VWE are North and East wind velocity, if you want to post-process a full flight’s wind information.

The tlogs also have this wind information.

I did not know this. I’ll check it out this weekend. thanks!