Plane 4.3 stable release

yes I want 25mw while disarmed. and switch to 200mw and 1000mw with a 3position switch. the vtx support 25mw,200mw,600mw,1000mw.


I need to see more than this. Need to see from the beginning until it starts alternating 400 and 1000

How about this?

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Ok the first problem is that the VTX is lying - in tramp it says it only supports a maximum power of 600mw. We won’t set anything above the maximum reported by the VTX. So try using 600 instead of 1000 for your 3-pos switch.

it works now for now. the OSD still flashing but I can’t the led statue changes on the VTX. I will try another VTX with tramp. thank you for doing all of that.

Hello @tridge ,
I just upgrade my QUADPLANE from FW 4.2.3 to 4.3.1 and almost crashed due to some issues.
Could you please take a look on my new post here:

Thank you very much for your help.
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I’ve just released plane 4.3.2beta1. This is a minor update with a few accumulated fixes since 4.3.1. The changes are:

  • ARKV6X support
  • MatekH743 supports 8 bi-directional dshot channels
  • Pixhawk1 boards support MS5607 baros
  • SpeedbyBee F405v3 support
  • DroneCAN Airspeed sensor support including hygrometer readings
  • Pre-arm warning if multiple UARTs with SERIALx_PROTOCOL = RCIN
  • Siyi gimbal support
  • Arm check warning loses duplicate “AHRS” prefix
  • AtomRCF405NAVI bootloader file name fixed
  • BRD_SAFETY_MASK fixed on boards with both FMU safety switch and IOMCU
  • Compass calibration continues even if a single compass’s cal fails
  • Gremsy gimbal driver sends autopilot info at lower rate to save bandwidth
  • Invensense 42605 and 42609 IMUs use anti-aliasing filter and notch filter
  • OSD stats screen fix
  • RC input on serial port uses first UART with SERIALx_PROTOCOL = 23 (was using last)
  • RunCam caching fix with enablement and setup on 3-pos switch
  • RTK CAN GPS fix when GPSs conneted to separate CAN ports on autopilot
  • fixed yaw rate for fixed wing autotune

Happy flying!


Thank you Andrew,it just simply keeps getting better and yours and the teams work is superb