Plane 4.3.0beta Release

I’ve just released plane 4.3.0beta1. This is the first beta of the 4.3.0 stable release. There are a lot of
changes since the 4.2.3 stable release. Key changes are:

  • added new boards AtomRCF405NAVI, KakuteH7Mini-Nand, SkystarsH7HD
  • added bi-directional dshot for several new boards
  • EK3_GPS_VACC_MAX threshold to control when GPS altitude is used as alt source
  • EKF ring buffer fix for slow sensor updates
  • EKF3 source set change captured in replay logs
  • numerous gimbal support improvements
  • improved RemoteId support
  • SecureBoot support with remote update of secure boot public keys
  • crash_dump.bin file saved to SD Card on startup (includes details re cause of software failures)
  • several new pre-arm checks (AHRS type, scripts, terrain)
  • numerous scripting improvements
  • fixed scripting restart leaking memory
  • Benewake H30 radar support
  • BMI270 IMU performance improvements
  • Logging pause with auxiliary switch
  • TeraRanger Neo rangefinder support
  • support for both AMSL and ellipsoid height in most GPS drivers
  • Custom controller support
  • parameter defaults sent with param FTP and onboard logs
  • Sim on Hardware allows simulator to run on autopilot
  • added Q_LAND_ALTCHG parameter
  • added climb before QRTL for safer QRTL from low altitudes
  • added support for logging pre and post filtered FFT data
  • support triple-notch harmonic notch filter
  • support up to 32 actuators (with SERVO_32_ENABLE parameter)
  • support EFI input over DroneCAN
  • by default only run notch filter on first IMU
  • added ESC_TLM_MAV_OFS parameter for mapping ESCs to MAVLink ESC telemetry
  • added Q_NAVALT_MIN for quadplane takeoff
  • added ICE redline governor
  • added in-flight FFT notch tuning option
  • added Sagetech ADSB support
  • added INS_HNTCH_FM_RAT parameter for handling under-hover throttle
  • improvements to filtering on ICM42xxx IMUs
  • added option parameters to NAV_VTOL_LAND mission item for fixed wing approach

Please report flight tests of the 4.3.0beta series in this forum. Both good and bad results are welcome.

Happy flying!



thank you so much for this new version!

Will you implement Precision Landing using IR Lock beacon and a rangefinder for VTOLs in this version?

Thanks a lot

Great, I’ve done multiple tests, the logs are here:

CUAV X7+ Pro

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no, sorry, we didn’t get that done. I do intend to add it, but not for 4.3.x

Today I finally had the opportunity to fly with the 4.3.0 beta 1 firmware (on 3 aircraft):

  1. motorglider, Matek F405 Wing, update from 4.2.3 stable
  2. Z84 VTOL Quad, Matek F 765 Wing, update from 4.2.3 stable
  3. mini skywalker, first setup and flight with Matek H743 slim.
    Everything worked fine without problems (MANU, FBWA, QHOVER, transitions, CRUISE, Autostart) including a perfect AngleAssist after stall due to too steep climb of the Z84.

Thanks for the great development.



thanks @Rolf, I really appreciate the testing!