Plane 4.1 Geofencing

The Current Plane Wiki talks about the new method of entering Geofences in Plane 4.1 and after. I’m currently running Arduplane 4.0.9, (which appears to be the latest i can find) on my Omnibus F4 Pro, but cannot get any of the geofence types to work on the aircraft.

  1. Has 4.1.0 been released yet, and if so, where do we get it?
  2. Are other people successfully utilizing the geofence functionality on Mission Planner and QGC using Plane 4.0.9? I’m coming up on a very important test, and just about out of solutions…
  • Tried to update both over USB and using Mavlink via crossfire (BT module)
  • Verified I am using Mavlink2 messaging on my serial ports
  • am able to push waypoints, just not any goefencing data.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.