Plane 4.1 Became unstable on Auto

I was flying the other day and set up a mission with take off. I am in Plane v.4.1.2

It seemed the whole mission went well, when I landed and wanted to do the mission again, I set the plane to Auto and if took off but it very quickly became unstable, like doing strange maneuvers and stalls that didn’t do in the first flight.

I have reviewed the logs and it seemed that it started arming and disarming right after take off of the second time… I am not sure why it would do that but from my little understanding from the logs it seems that RC5 In (arming channel) gave the input of arming and disarming quickly but I did not do that myself…

I also see a landing gear retract event… which i don’t have configured anywhere, so not sure why it shows up…


I will update to 4.1.6 but not sure why this happened, any advice much appreciated :slight_smile:

Logs here:

Thank you in advance

The arming and disarming did not occur during flight. Only on the ground. The RCIN.C5 is just recording what the FC saw, so if that isn’t lining up with your inputs then you should have a look at your radio gear.

A few of my observations:

  • Arming checks should be set back to 1. That could save you a disaster in the future.
  • This plane needs some tuning. In the first flight there are significant oscillations in both pitch and roll. The flight performance can be improved by some time with auto tune.
  • Check the C of G on the second flight. The plane never got up to enough speed and continued a cycle of pitching up and down that is common with the c of g being too far aft. Perhaps your battery shifted after the first flight?
  • The battery voltage dipped significantly on each take off. If this is a lipo battery then it’s in bad shape.

Thank you @Allister for the reply and explanation.
That’s good to know, i’ll check the radio gear and set the arming checks to 1
I’ll try to tune it next time I go to a flight, I did it once few flights back… not sure how good it should fly… it is a ZOHD Talon GT Rebel and it was a windy day…

The C of G may be a bit out back since I removed the camera gear from the front in the second flight and did not readjust the C of G… So that may be my fault…

Regarding battery, it is LiIon and yes, I noticed the dip also… is it normal in LiIon batteries?

I don’t have enough experience with liIon batteries to say for sure. I know they sag during take-off but since they can safely go to 3v/cell you’re probably still okay. Maybe someone with more experience can add in.

Okay, thank you @Allister
much appreciatted