Autotune issue?

Hi All,
I am trying to tune the ZOHD Talon GT Rebel because I am seeing many vibrations on the plane when flying in FBWA or AUTO. I tried Autotune and here is the log for Auto tune:

and a screenshot:

and here is the logs for the flights after:

I still saw the vibrations after the autotune, it was a windy day but not too bad… the vibrations did not improve a lot after the autotune…
I did autotune because of the recommendation of this thread:

I really don’t think the vibrations are normal, but not sure what could cause it since I’m new at this…
is it noisy gyro, faulty FC, needs more autotune time…?

Any help really appreciate it
Thanks in advance

Try the autotune with more patience on a less windy day first.

Good luck!!!

Thank you @VRquaeler I’ll try that, I updated to 4.1.7 too so will try and report

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have also struggled with AP 4.1.x autotuning the roll axis on my ZOHD Talon GT. Reducing RLL_RATE_SMAX and following the directions for tuning “light, agile aircraft” helped, but I still see intermittent high-frequency roll oscillations.