Plane 4.0 release

Awesome work!!
Thanks a lot!!

if i plug one one more into CAN 1 as the label are wrong on my carrier board i lose all leds and get the msg no gps found

What is the difference between TECS_LAND_PMIN and LAND_PITCH_CD?

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well, this is embarrassing. While I was working on landing for an aircraft I had thought that LAND_PITCH_CD also applied to pre-flare, but it doesn’t. So the two parameters are actually the same. I’ll remove TECS_LAND_PMIN for the 4.0.1 final. Thanks very much for your question!


Hi Tridge,
Is there an estimation on when or even if you will enable the camera switching on the F765-Wing FC?
I am aware that there are more important features and issues to implement and solve but I’m just asking because this feature would be really interesting to have as the board is equipped with it.

It would be really nice to have FPORT support for Frsky users…

@tridge Do you need additional testing for the SDP33 sensor BUG? Please tell me how to help then.
I have a PH1 and Cube Black here for testing.

Channels 5 and 6 on the MatekF765-Wing, working!!!

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Thats awesome news but I’ll wait for the “Stable” version as the plane is not cheap…

Tested the 4.0.1 B1 and still bootloops …

It is fixed in master. The fix will be in the 4.0.1 final release

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I have a fport receiver now, and plan on working on supporting the protocol. It won’t make it into 4.0.1 though as it is a fairly complex protocol to add.


I don’t have cameras setup on my F765 board, but looking at the schematic I think it may be that we support this already as the pin is already setup as a user controllable GPIO which can be used as a relay pin. Can you please try the following:

  • set RELAY_PIN = 82
  • set RC7_OPTION = 28 (can be any free RC channel)

that should give you control over pin PE15 which is the camera switching pin.

Similarly you can do this:

  • set RELAY_PIN2 = 81
  • set RC8_OPTION = 34

and RC8 should then give you control over pin PE4, which is the Vsw power switching pin.
Please let me know if this works. If it does we should add it to the docs.

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Please which bug is this exactly? Thank you

Yes – Matek confirmed to me this already works and I have tested it. See post.

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Thats really awesome!!!
Unfortunately I am not able to test it this week because I’m out of town but knowing that it is confirmed is a huge step forward and it only proves that this matek F765 is a great FC along with Arduplane on it

I have a problem since I updated to 4.0. When setting the Amperes per Volt value in Battery monitor 2. I write the appropriate value but it is not fixed, when I open it again it is empty.

If I modify it from parameter BATT2_AMP_PERVLT, it also appears empty

Planer Mission 1.3.68


Would it be possible to choose if the OSD is seen when activating the second camera on a Matek F765?

I have installed the second camera looking back on the plane and I don’t need the OSD in that camera.

I know that I could put an OSD panel without data and select it, but it would be easier being able to select whether or not the OSD is needed.

A greeting.

You can assign a switch to a channel, choose an OSD screen from the 4 available, put it blank and than choose it when you want to have a blank osd screen… thats simple… otherwise, as you will need to assign a radio switch to switch the camera you want, you can program a special function on the radio to switch to a blank osd screen when you choose the back camera andthan choose the info osd screen when you choose the front camera.