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Plane 4.0 release

Nope - just a recommended best practice by many FPV forums. Preventative medicine.

okay, but where did you stick it in? ESC output? receiver output? I tried this anecdotal fix for terrible digital servo twitching but it didn’t work

I referred to this article for my placement:

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Give a try to 4.0.6 beta 1.
Seems ok, auto mission for takeoff ok, tried for a small amount of time autotune and then as I have had a video issue I switched to cruise mode. I was not looking to fix my issue and the plane crashed in a tree in a small hill. Terrain follow was enable and map was download with the before flight. I am not very familiar with log analysis and was not able to check if something went wrong and if terrain follow correctly worked.

Log file here

Thanks for any help

thanks very much for reporting this. The terrain system was trying to download terrain data from your GCS but it failed to do so. It didn’t have any terrain data, so didn’t follow terrain.
The real bug was that there was no arming check failure for the lack of terrain data when you had TERRAIN_FOLLOW=1. I have fixed that ready for the next beta. My apologies for that bug. You should have had an arming failure.
I hope the plane survived!
Cheers, Tridge

I’ve just released 4.0.6beta2. This is a minor update over beta1.

  • prevent jump to circle mode in TAKEOFF if flying for less than 10s
  • fixed handling of out of range on LightwareI2C Lidar
  • fixed init of HoTT telemetry
  • added support for mRo Pixracer Pro, Holybro Pix32v5
  • added arming check for terrain data healthy if needed
  • fixed compass ordering bug
  • increased monitor thread size to 768

Many thanks to those who have tested this release!

thanks @tridge for your analysis.
That’s weird because I put all the .DAT file on the SDCARD manually and I’m sure that the area was covered. Maybe some files are corrupted. I will try with the beta2 to see if arming check reports a warning with the same setting.
Also what I was wondering, could it be an issue if terrain spacing is set to 50 on the FC and 100 in the .DAT file ?

Thanks and no worries for the place, only foam :slight_smile:

Just wanted to bring your attention on something I found when testing 4.0.6 beta:

I don’t see an issue report from you? I only see a “works for me” posting.
Can you post again?

1/ Upgrade from beta 1 to 4.0.06b2.
2/ Arming check warning about terrain waiting for data.
3/ Re download the same area with the last python script and copy the fresh data to SD.
4/ Arming check all good.
Thanks for adding this to the arming check list !

thanks for testing this, much appreciated!

yes, that would do it


thanks Nate! I’ve reproduced in SITL. It only happens when MIS_RESTART=1 is set, which is not the default. I’ll work on a fix.

Hi Andrew,

Is it possible that the behaviors for LGR_OPTIONS has been changed yet again? Maybe a behind the scenes rebase from copter? (like from here:
Remember you fixed it a few months ago in PR, so we started using option 2. Now it is only deploying, not retracting.


@tridge TX Tuning issue in master. went to TX tune roll on my C1 TVBS this am…here is log:

although TUNE_PARAM set to Roll_PI…it appears to be changing Pit_PI and reporting as such in the message log…there is even a param save, but nothing actually changed from my param before the flight when I compared back on the bench…twilight zone time…

Hello. Can vibrations at high throttle cause this crash?

here log of flight!AuFPVI_eDaZbhMhjfNGQeLrVaB9-lQ?e=VgaUCc
100% crash happens if i launch by holding the wing. If i launch holding the fuselage it succesfully 100% even if there are the same vibrations
In this log first succesfully by holding the fuselage and two fails holding the wing!AuFPVI_eDaZbhMhkWP2OP9S7mGKejg?e=A2VKIo

You can even hear the vibrations in the video.

If your IMU’s are clipping it means they are over their maximum G rating and will return corrupted data = crash.

You just need to fix your vibrations.

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the compass is really way off. That needs fixing, or disabling. I suspect that is your main issue.

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thanks for reply! Could you explain how you understood this? with this graph?

also bad compass can cause crash in fbwa mode? i think fbwa not using compass, only gyro,accelerometer and may be baro

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