Dev Call June 22, 2020

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GSOC student updates




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UTC1100 -

  • Still a WIP
  • Tridge isn’t able to test ATM
    • Smoked his board
  • Still a WIP
    • Peter can test on KakuteF4

UTC1104 -

  • Should we spell out all drivers?
  • Same protocol as maxbotix
  • Don’t want to enumerate the devices
  • Henry will create Wiki stuff to point from one to the other

UTC1107 -

  • Backlog of scripting changes
  • Don’t want to use the 4500 range
  • Rover libraries take the 4500 range
  • Kind of an arbitrary range
  • Generally have LUA layer -1 to 1 float?
  • Called function does conversion
  • Granularity in Plane is a bother with the 100 integer-range
    • RC tx jitter
  • Need a patch to scripting to get servo values in -1 to 1 as well
  • Desired comes from pilot, target from controller
  • Dropping the word completely

UTC1115 -

  • Merged
  • Just an appendix

UTC1116 -

  • Battery status honours streamrates
  • Non-mavlink-aware-radio causes problems
  • One battery == no change
  • Generally don’t leave gaps in your battery configurations…

UTC1119 -

  • Increase number of cells up to 12
  • Randy to address issues that were just raised
  • Probably merge after that
  • Has been tested on hardware

UTC1121 -

  • Copters people want to fly with optional transmitter
  • Should we make it so that in Copter if you haven’t seen an RC transmitter then we skip the RC transmitter checks or should we have a parameter set that says you can fly with or without transmitter
  • RC_OPTION bit
  • Need to check on the double-arming thing for Copter
  • Need a recommended way to fly without optional receiver
  • We have a Wiki page on how to fly GCS-only
    • But not optional-transmitter
  • Need to distinguish between no-transmitter and no-receiver

UTC1134 -

  • Randy reviewed and flew
  • From Paul
  • Use rangefinder at low alts
  • Higher you use Baro
  • Main purpose is to remove ground effect stuff
    • Esp in takeoffs and landings
  • Perhaps some confusion around that purpose?
  • High and low?
    • Two parameters in EKF
    • Range use speed / range-use-alt
    • Percentage of rangefinder’s total altitude range
    • Use-speed is a cutoff where it cuts over to Baro
  • Copter has something to turn it on and off
    • Do we need to worry about this in quadplane?
    • Poking EKF to say we’re landing / taking off instead?
  • Code is in baro ground effect comp
  • positive/negative conventions?
  • Why speed rather than lean angle?
    • Randy will check with Paul
  • Randy will check with Paul on raised issues and merge if all explained

UTC1148 - Plane 4.0 release

  • New beta2 release today!
    • 1 month too long
  • Fixes
    • Takeoff mode heuristics
      • Circling too early
      • Added 10-second minimum before circle-start
    • HOTT fixed
    • PixRacer and Holybro boards
    • Out-of-range lightware fix
    • Terrain data check
      • Copter’s checks are gated on get-alt-type-for-mode-rtl
        • If not terrain then it won’t run checks
        • Missions with terrain-relative items?
        • Home-relative rather than terrain-relative…
      • Need to get this fixed; one user ran into a tree because of the terrain data format change
      • A prearm check method on the library sounds like a good idea, perhaps with a callback on the vehicle asking whether it needs terrain or not
      • Require larger amount of data around waypoints?
        • Look for data between waypoints?
        • Jumps and whatnot?
        • Make preflight terrain stuff download everything within geofence?
          • Or just largest area covered by waypoints?
        • Need to work about mission change time?
      • Yaapu’s stuff needs looking at
        • Maybe another meeting for Europe
          • Wed or Sat night AU time?

UTC0005 -

  • Testing 4.0.4rc2
    • Neopixel causing ekf instability?
      • Neopixels not started?
        • Scripting thing?
    • Compass ordering page in MissionPlanner problems
      • Internal vs eternal?
      • Randy hasn’t reproduced yet
        • [10:09 AM] Michael Oborne: the compass was moved from a non top 3 position
        • [10:09 AM] Michael Oborne: so it has no orientation
        • [10:09 AM] Michael Oborne: ie not init’ed
        • [10:09 AM] Michael Oborne: and no param untill reboot
      • Maybe add in Andy’s PR to do lots of other compasses on 1MB boards
      • Mavlink command to re-sort compasses?
    • Probably no rc3 at this point
      • Terrain arming in final release?
        • maybe…

UTC0012 -

  • Nothing for Rover this week

UTC0013 - GSoC update

  • Simulink
  • Bendy-ruler improvements are looking good
    • 3D
    • Hesitancy fixes
    • Should test the disabled Rover BendyRuler
  • Simulated walking robot moving using LUA scripts
  • Thanks to partners for supplying hardware for our GSoC students


  • AP_Periph
  • CANBUS goes first in list
  • Expensive ADIS sensor
  • Not much vibration to sensor - only 4 wires

UTC0021 - new web services

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