Plane 4.0 release

Is it possible to have Lost Pkane sound activated automatically after auto land?

I’ve now found the cause of this and have a fix for 4.0.2beta3
Thanks for letting me know!

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@yak-54 I’m afraid I still haven’t found the cause of this issue. I will have another go at it soon, but I’m going to release beta3 without a fix, sorry

thank you for your time but don’t worry about i can live with it

Hi Andrew,

Are you able look at suppressing the “UC Node down” rpoert for the next beta?

Thank you

I’ve just released plane 4.0.2beta3. This releases includes the following fixes from beta2:

  • fixed voltage scaling on CUAVv5Nano
  • fixed 10Hz NMEA output
  • fixed range check on RC channel selection
  • scale UART RX size with baudrate
  • default fast sampling enabled on first IMU for all capable boards
  • fixed bootloader flash alignment bug
  • fixed PWM 5 and 6 for MatekF765-Wing
  • support RM3100 compass on I2C

The bootloader fix is important for boards based on the STM32H7 (Durandal and CubeOrange). On these boards updating the bootloader could cause the board to be bricked. It is safe to update the bootloader with this beta release.

Happy flying!

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Thousand thanks Tridge. PWM 5 and 6 is working on MAtek F765-Wing.

Thanks. I was just going to ask if the nmea out has been fixed up to 4.0.2 beta 2 and the beta3 addressed that. Are there any parameters which adjust the affect the output of this? I’ve also noticed that it only shows six GPS on the output even when 12 are locked on the gps.

i would like to thank all the developers for all the hard work this year merry Christmas and happy new to all

Well I loaded beta 3 hoping for the nmea out to be fixed. It works even less now. Yesterday on 4.1.0 dev (8ca65356) it would work for the first minute and then it would stop outputting the data on nmea out. On 4.0.2 b3 it never even outputs anything.
Matek 765 wing.

whcih uart are you using? I have a 765 wing I can test on. Send me the full params and I’ll load it to test

Merry Christmas to all ArduPilot users!

I still have problem (only plays a roll at Tiltrotor VTOLS) with the F765 (4.0.2beta2 and 3) : With the tiltrotor with coninous yaw servo (Q_TILT_TYPW=0, SERVOx_FUNCTION 39), the servo output cannot be permanently parameterized. With each boot, SERVOx_MID, MAX and MIN are resetted to 1000(MID and MIN), MAX(2000). Interestingly, the behavior does not occur with the Pixhawk.
F765 Parameterfile:Para24.param (23.1 KB)

Merry Christmas

I was using serial 2 as that was what was working before.I also tried it on serial 5 as someone said they were having issues with serial 2 in another thread. before the beta 3 update like I said it would output the data for right about a minute then stop after the update it doesnt seem to send anything.
Here is a link to my parameter file
Matek 765 4.0.2 Beta 3 Dump for tridge.param (20.3 KB)
Thanks for looking into this

This is caused by enabling BLHeli/DShot output on those channels and is actually deliberate. The PWM range on a DShot output is not meaningful. By forcing channels that use digital output control (such as DShot) to be 1000 to 2000 we prevent issues with scaling from other places in the code.
We should make this clear in the documentation on DShot. I’ll ping @hwurzburg

I had a look, and first thing to note is your param file has NMEA output going to 3 serial ports. That is a lot of NMEA ! I’m not sure if you intended this.
It does work for me, but I did find that a bug fix from @peterbarker was needed to stop is corrupting the line endings on NMEA. With that fix applied I get nice clean output and it continues for as long as the board is up.
One thing to note is that it only outputs NMEA if it knows the time. That usually means it needs to have had GPS lock at least once, although there are other ways to get the time.
I’ve put a 4.0.2beta3 with the line ending fix for you to test here:
The other thing to watch out for on this board is the flow control pins. SERIAL1 has hardware flow control, so if you use that port then you may need to set BRD_SER1_RTSCTS=0 to disable the flow control.
I also note that you have a quite low baudrate on SERIAL6 of 9600 for the NMEA. Not sure if that is deliberate.

Flashing the apj from that link flashes Arducopter 4.0.0rc4
As far as the multiple Nmea outputs that was just me being sloppy and not zeroing out those serial options when I iwas testing on different uarts.This is definitey something I should pay more attention to.

sorry about that, try this:

no worries, it is valid to have 3 NMEA outputs, just unusual

Ok flashed that one and turned off the extra nmea outputs and used serial 2 only. It started out good reporting 6 satellites on the nmea output and held for 5 minutes or so.Once I armed the throttle it dropped to three satelites and stayed there.Upon disarming it would return to 6 sattelites.I repeated this process several times with the same results each time.

The NMEA output is setup to show 6 satellites when ArduPilot has a good position. It shows 3 satellites when it doesn’t have a good position.
Are you testing indoors? Or perhaps you are getting interference when you start the motors which causes the EKF to get bad data from the GPS or compass?
If you set LOG_DISARMED=1 then we would get a log which would tell us what is happening.