Plane 4.0: Bad or no terrain data

I get this message, what does that mean ?


ArduPlane 4.0.0

Is an SDcard inserted? If you are not planning on using Terrain Following disable it. TERRAIN_FOLLOW and TERRAIN_ENABLE to 0.

SDcard inserted.
Setting TERRAIN_ENABLE to 0 solved the issue.
Thank you!

What is the cause of this?

arduplane defaults to expect terrain data. if there is none, arduplane will notify you.

if you want to use terrain features, you’ll need to provide data access.
if you don’t want to use terrain features, you need to turn that feature off.

You can use the Ardupilot Terrain Generator to download terrain datas of any region you want.Click with the mouse on the center and adjust the radius with the slider on the left.

Thanks, it works for ardupilot 4.2.2