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Plane 3.9.9 release

(tridge) #1

I have just release plane 3.9.9beta1. I expect this to be a fairly short beta and I would really appreciate some testing feedback.
Key changes are:

  • learn EKF biases even for inactive IMUs, making IMU failover much more robust

  • EKF uses earth magnetic field model to reduce in-flight compass errors

  • EKF switches to first healthy IMU when disarmed

  • IMU fix for dropped samples during high CPU usage

  • added support for Ublox F9 GPS

  • switched to ChibiOS I/O firmware for ChibiOS builds to support Spektrum bind

  • CUAVv5 Nano LED fix

  • fixed watchdog trigger on simple accelcal

  • fixed drift of AMSL estimate when disarmed

  • fixed rate integrator buildup when rate control disabled

Happy flying!

Dev Call July 8 2019 2300 UTC
Dev Call July 8 2019 2300 UTC