Plane 3.9.11 release

I’ve just released 3.9.11beta1. The 3.9.11 release includes two changes:

  • fixed the COMPASS_DEV_ID for UAVCAN compasses, which was using an uninitialised byte, and thus could result in an unpredictable ID. This caused users to have to re-calibrate unnecessarily
  • fixed a missing I2C ISR acknowledgement. While this never caused any issues in the plane stable release as far as we know it is safest to include this fix. This may fix an issue with SMBus smart batteries.
    Happy flying!
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The final release of 3.9.11 is out now, thanks to those who tested!

Well done Tridge… You are awesome… And also version 4.0 is coming , Thank you very much for all developers that have shown great work…

Hi all i have a I2C issue
i am running on the I2C bus port on a cube lightwave LW20/c with MS4525D0 airspeed sensor and a external led
when i power it up all works for about i min the led on 2 gps stops and then LW20 stop working to
and in mission planer i get bad lidar heath as well as bad compass
but if i pull out one airspeed or the lw20 does not matter witch one they all the work fine
just can run the airspeed and lw20 at the same time
anyway here are some logic scans of I2C bus with and with out air speed
and the bin logs
i did try different ID on LW20

@yak-54 can you try the 4.0.0beta release and see if it behaves any differently?

Could you simply be drawing too much power over the I2C?

When putting multiple devices, especially LED’s on the I2C we always provide seperate power rather than trying to draw from the Cubes internal bus.

Hi i will test today with 4.0

Hi buddy the LW20 is powered off a bec

ok i put 4.0 on the cube still the same i can not run the airspeed sensor and LW20 at the same time
that all that is plug in to the I2C port now
but this time the leds on gps2 stay on no blinking

there is logic test and bin with out the airspeed plug in

this is the logic test with airspeed and LW20 pluged in

ok, thanks for testing. Have you looked with an analog trace on the Saleae, checking that the signals are getting the right voltage levels? Should go neatly from 0 to 3.3v in I2C.

its got 3.287 on the signals pins
and 4.057 on the power bus

does the signal waveform shape look ok? Any ringing? Slow voltage rise on transition?
also, 4.0 seems a bit low for power.

sorry my bad its 5.1

after some testing and Googling i found out its newer chip set on digital Airspeed have an issue with other devices as i tried a new one same issue
I had old one airspeed i got last year with old chip set works fine with out an issue
any way thanks to all who helped

the First picture is off newer one for the Cube

second one is the older one

interesting. Who sells these newer ones? It might be worth following up with the vendor to see if there is something that needs fixing.

yes i was talking to them today they where unaware of this he said
I have 3 planes all the same gear airspeed & Lw20 & external Led
same issue on all of them
one planes on 3.9.2 one on 3.9.10 and one i been testing on 3.9.11 & 4.0.0beta2 all the same results tried the old one work’s fine in all case’s
if you like i can sent it up to you just Pm a address to post it to you i am only in melbourne ?

I’m mostly interested in which vendor makes this sensor, so I can talk to the hardware designer and discuss any changes that have been made in the design. Where did you buy the sensor from?

Pm sent to Tridge


According to the full parameters list in the Arduplane documents, there is a parameter SERIALx_OPTIONS. This parameter is required when configuring Frsky telemetry on a Matek F405 Wing according to the documentation on Matek’s Web site.
I cannot find this parameter in the latest Mission Planner full param list.

Where is it hiding?

Using Mission Planner’s installation and upgrade capability I upgraded an mRo Pixracer from ArduPlane 3.8.5 to 3.9.11.

At the start it asked if it should load Chibios. I answered yes and the upgrade went well and I have experienced no problems since.

Why did it ask the Chibios question? Is that the new operating system for ArduPilot?