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Plane 3.9.11 release

(tridge) #1

I’ve just released 3.9.11beta1. The 3.9.11 release includes two changes:

  • fixed the COMPASS_DEV_ID for UAVCAN compasses, which was using an uninitialised byte, and thus could result in an unpredictable ID. This caused users to have to re-calibrate unnecessarily
  • fixed a missing I2C ISR acknowledgement. While this never caused any issues in the plane stable release as far as we know it is safest to include this fix. This may fix an issue with SMBus smart batteries.
    Happy flying!
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(tridge) #2

The final release of 3.9.11 is out now, thanks to those who tested!

(Tony Atma) #3

Well done Tridge… You are awesome… And also version 4.0 is coming , Thank you very much for all developers that have shown great work…