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Dev Call Sept 30, 2019 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests




Canberra Developer Conference 2020

Attendee count (max): 20

UTC1102 - PixHawk1 1MB issue

  • Fmuv2 is quite large because it is generic

    • Not specific sensors
    • Uses detection logic
  • This PR makes a PixHawk1-1M

  • What does this mean for fmuv2?

    • Should we remove all of the fmu* things?
      • People are running the wrong firmware
      • Flying CubeBlack with fmuv3, for example
      • MissionPlanner kind of pushes people towards that
    • Do we really need these?
  • CubeBlack on a PixHawk2 won’t work?

    • Really? Says tridge.
    • Solo has different hardware
    • Different IMUs
    • Fails if it doesn’t detect same sensors
      • Stuff that Sid/Jon added
        • Could be modified so it doesn’t fail if it detects a different IMU (should still detect IMUs)
        • Nah. Just use CubeSolo

UTC1108 - pre-filling with NaN

  • EK3 now runs as ride-along in SITL quadplane
    • Need to run under Valgrind to catch NaN problems
  • This patch PR fills 8k of stack with NaN
    • Valgrind is actually not broken with this
  • We will get an FPE if someone uses uninitialised value from stack, in theory
    • Could run it in each task in SITL
  • Quiet NANs don’t cause FPEs
  • Accounting varies between microcontrollers
  • Try using memset with 0xff to see if creates a singling NaN
  • Not optimised out by compiler!
    • No inter-module optimisation
    • LRO may kill this
      • [9:15 AM] (Channel) MdB: /me desprately wants LTO :smiley:
      • [9:15 AM] (Channel) MdB: although not enough to learn WAF :smiley:
      • No standard options in gcc to do the LTO
        • LD_PRELOAD linker hack into compiler
          • Insanely bad
        • Need to check newer compilers

UTC1116 -

  • Merged
  • ADSB-specific

UTC1121 -

  • Add --upload-port option to waf
  • Just needs a default option
  • And test with Py2 and Py3
  • Killing Python2
    • Not until the stable Ubuntu no longer ships with it

UTC1127 -

  • Memory classes
  • Add a define for double support?
    • Different flight characteristics
  • 128k for scripting on H7, maybe
    • Contiguity can be interesting on stm32
    • 512k contiguous on H7
  • Will turn up the buffer size on logging
    • High-rate logging on any SD card?

UTC1129 -

  • Custom AHRS rotation
    • Degrees vs radians
      • We kind of stuffed up documentation vs code
        • Code accepts radians
        • Documentation is degrees
        • Do we fix this?
          • Supposed to be degrees
          • Probably safe to change?
          • Rename?
            • Bit of a pain
  • [9:35 AM] (Channel) Michael_duBreuil: It also will immediately look wrong/off when they use it so they should catch it as long as they do some form of decent preflight
  • Will be backported to Plane4.0
  • Resolved to fix the code to be degrees
    • Jacob will contact people
    • [9:57 AM] (Channel) PH: why catch the fish?
    • [9:58 AM] (Channel) JW: they’re delicious
    • [9:58 AM] (Channel) JW: and invasive

UTC1130 -

UTC1138 -

  • Copter failsafe refactoring
  • Bit scope-creeped
  • Lots and lots of tests!
  • Parameter conversion still needs fixing before merge

UTC1149 - Plane update from tridge

  • No new beta3 out yet
    • Soon
  • Couple of important fixes
    • U-BLOX
      • Long-outstanding issue with GPS outage of 9 to 11 seconds
        • Single lost byte could cause this
        • Would go to 0 satellites
        • Forced landing for Copter etc
        • GPS disconnecting on USB power?
          • Increased byte-corruption on USB, perhaps
  • Not sure about whether takeoff mode will go in
  • Serious CAN bug will also go into Beta3
    • Causes UART issues if using CAN ESCs
    • GPS Failsafes triggering….
    • And scheduling issues

UTC1154 - Copter update

  • velocity/position averaged over 10 seconds
  • Rover 3.5 has a regression on wheel odometry
    • Ebin is working on it
      • Definitely one we should fix before we release
  • Issue will be created to track the betas
  • Collective settings wrong == Heli reaches for the sky
    • stab/acro still work
    • Need to see if it is in 3.6
  • Arm in stab, switch to auto, takeoff when ready?
  • Col-mid takeoff indefinitely?
    • Relative vs absolute
    • Logs!
  • Special thanks to Henry for testing and fixing bits and pieces in Rover
    • Including follow mode using QGC!

UTC0009 - Canberra Unconference

  • 21st/22nd or 28/29 March
    • 2 day or 3 day?
  • Start thinking about travel now!
  • Something things to fix
    • Not a lot of food options in walking distance
    • No boats where we did talks
    • Small room
      • 35 or so people
        • May have a few more this year
    • Can’t fix everything!
  • Will be at SpringValley
    • Not CMAC
  • Marquee at the flying site at Spring Valley?
    • Conference talks right next to flying site
    • Further from food and things
  • Go for fancy hotel by the lake?
    • More expensive
    • Nice view over lake
    • Boats right outside
    • Larger rooms
  • Please contact tridge to get on Skype group to discuss conference
    • Several jumped on that immediately
  • Very cheap to run in 2019
    • More expensive in 2020
      • We have a chunk of money in the bank
      • $10,000 budget to run a really nice conference
  • If it is two days, should it be Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun
  • three days does increase minimum cost
  • Would still use that flying field even if using other hotels
    • About 20m drive
  • Hotel options?
  • Marquee includes tables and chairs and solid floor
    • 12mx6m
    • [10:30 AM] (Channel) MdB: PROPS + SPINNY CHAIRS!
    • [10:30 AM] (Channel) MdB: First person to roverize their chair wins
    • [10:30 AM] (Channel) MdB: build challenge :smiley:
    • ~$5,000 for the week
    • PH: just roverize the whole tent
    • [10:31 AM] (Channel) MdB: I’m generally in favor of conf at flying field
    • [10:31 AM] (Channel) MdB: Could be convinced otherwise though
  • Spit roast for dinner?
  • Bbq?
  • Dale’s lamb and chicken again?
  • [10:33 AM] (Channel) Peter_Hall: well we can’t come to Australia and not have a BBQ
  • [10:33 AM] To Weekly devcall: @PH ITYM “barbie”
  • [10:33 AM] To Weekly devcall: And/or “barby”
  • Funding developers is most definitely something we want to do

UTC0021 - moved to -O2 optimisation

  • Smaller and faster!
  • -O2 was the best balance

UTC0035 - Jacob and Sub update

[10:34 AM] (Channel) JW: i tagged sub 3.6 beta today

[10:34 AM] (Channel) JW: and updating stable shortly

  • Branched from master 6 months ago
    • Many critical bugfixes have gone in since then
      • Jacob and tridge will go through that

[10:37 AM] (Channel) JW: we’ll be able to do a 4.0 next year

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