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Plane 3.9.10 release

(tridge) #1

I’ve just released 3.9.10beta1. This has one important change in the IOMCU UART handling. The change stems from a flight log showing a short (under 100ms) stop of VTOL motors in a quadplane during takeoff. The flight went fine, but I think this error is serious enough to warrant a quick release fix.
The IOMCU UART is the serial connection between main micro-controller (called the FMU) and the IO micro-controller (called the IOMCU). That link controls main servo outputs on controllers with separate “main” and “aux” outputs. That UART also carries the state of the safety switch. The error could lead to a brief period where the FMU thinks the safety is engaged when it is not engaged, which is what caused the VTOL motor outputs on the AUX channels to stop.
The error is rare (this is the only time it has been seen), but some ESCs could get in a state where they don’t recover, so even though in this particular flight the issue was benign, I am doing a quick release to fix it.
After this release I plan on starting beta of a 4.0.0 release, which will be based on master and will have a large set of new features. I hope to start that release series in about 10 days time.
Happy flying!

Dev Call Aug 19, 2019 2300 UTC
Dev Call Aug 19, 2019 2300 UTC
(tridge) #2

The final release of 3.9.10 is now out. Thanks for the test reports!

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Dev Call Aug 26, 2019 2300 UTC
Dev Call Aug 26, 2019 2300 UTC
(Colin) #3

Hi all
is there any issues with plane 3.9.10 running LW20/C on the I2C port with an airspeed sensor and external led
they work by them self’s but as soon as i plug them in together ( LW20/C ) and ( Airspeed ) they stop working till i pull one out reboot they work i have tried a different ID on LW20

(Colin) #4

I did some logic scans of the I2C bus one with and one without and some bin logs
here is my setup

The Cube
2 x gps one here on serial 2 and one here2 one serial 1
one airspeed sensor I2C 4525D0
external I2c Led
lightwave LW20/C rangefinder on I2C
1 x RDF900x on tele port 1
1 x OSD tele port 2
1 x frsky passthrough on serial 5

this is a bin log when it reboots the cube by its self after 3 minutes