Pixracer unable to Connect to Mission planner after Flashing customised Firmware

I am not familiar with all these technologies. What happened was that I flashed a customised version of the 3.6.1 into my PixRacer. After doing that, I was unable to connect the PixRacer to the Mission Planner via Com Port; The LEDs PixRacer do not flash red and blue as they should.

This is the custom firmware that I uploaded. I changed the APHalChibiOS/fmuv4/hwdef.dat file as instructed to change the WiFi Ports into SPI ports.

Here is the link to the thread.

This my github repository. the code i compiled is under the aa_v_3_6_1 branch.

It would be nice if someone could just point me to a direction I could actually work towards to…
Thank you in advance.

Good day, did you have installed the fmu v4 version into your pixracer?
just try re install the correct firmware.

Hi, i am also facing the same issues. After i uploaded the custom firmware successfully, the pixracer cannot be connected to the mission planner although it has a com port. May i have some advice on this.


i believe that there may be some errors with the ‘bootloader’ (?)

You can recover the bootloader with a nucleo board or stlink programmer.