pixRacer serial port mapping

hello everyone
on pixracer with arducopter serial 5 is connected to witch port ?
ser0 is usb
ser1 is tel1
ser2 is tel2
ser3 is gps
ser4 is frsky
ser5 ? the debug port?

thanks in advance for any help

ser5 should be the serial on the esp8266 socket
ser6 debug

UART Mapping

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serial 6 isnt exposed in the firmware , is ther any way that i can use it ?

Why do you say this? I use serial6 (debug port) without problems.

in my params in arducopter 3.5.5 i have ser0 to ser 5
i want to have all the avalable usart ports at my displosal

You need a more recent release of ArduCopter
Parameters for SERIAL6 were added to master in June, 2018

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Which version?

And what’s the type of the debug port (clearly isnt a jst gh😅)

Latest stable 3.6.9 is OK

All connector on Pixracer are JST GH except debug port that is JST SM06B

is there any magic to getting a gps to work on the debug port

Nope, just wire it up correctly and go. Be aware that the debug port can only deliver 50mA so you may need to power from somewhere else.

I tried repeatedly. Wired the GPS to a dedicated bec…no go no matter what i did.
So I gave up. Then read the FRsky port works as a gps port but it’s inverted. So I configed the port, made a new cable and bad da bing…second GPs.

So going to the field tomorrow to see if that helps with the glitching.

@andyp1per as always I appreciate your assistance.