Pixracer Firmware?

I have just finished a hexacopter with a Pixracer R14. Lots of issues (wobbles, some interesting throttle reactions etc) I will work through the usual checks before I trouble this forum BUT in my digging to make sure i was using the latest stable firmware, I found that there is a Pixarcer specific firmware at http://firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/stable/ .

Should i have been loading this instead of the generic firmware that the GCS uses? and if so how do I do this ?

Thanks all - will now move onto the wobbles…

I am using a Pixracer R15 for months, mounted in a custom frame and flight to perfection, when I upload the firmware I do it through the Mission Planner and choose ChibiOS, without any problem.

The Stable version you linked to will be loaded when selected from a GCS.

Using an old and a new pixracer, update from mission planner and no issues here too.