Pixracer and Compass Orientation - High Offsets from Compass Calibration

Using Arducopter 3.6.8 (SingleCopter)

To fit the airframe better I had to mount the Pixracer pointing up. I set the AHRS_ORIENTATION to 24 for Pitch 90 degrees and all functions work correctly.


I am using an mRobotics GPS/Compass unit and found that I get high offset values from a compass calibration procedure. I have no orientation configured for the compass; just straight ahead.


Could the high offsets be caused by the fact that the flight controller and the compass are in different orientations?

(I’ve got good spacing and even a copper shield keeping RF from the other electronics away from the compass, and I calibrated out in an open field).



Good day, did you try to change the position of your gps module?


No, I did not. I want to keep the GPS facing upwards towards the sky so it can see the GPS satellites. The compass is integral to the GPS unit.



Redo the calibration away from metal, in an open field, not indoors.

You can keep your gps module upwards towards the sky, just try reposition the gps stand or the gps module on the frame… must be keep far from any metal object… calibrate it again.
How many compass you need use?